Say what you can do, and do what you said.

Interstate became a Florida corporation in 1979. Our purpose is the delivery of New and Used Trucks, throughout the United States and Canada via decked mode, and or a single unit drive-a-way mode.

Today, 3 decades later, we are still focused on our initial purpose, having attained invaluable experience and operational foundation. As a testament to our service, we move thousands of vehicles a year. With determination, we established our company to provide the highest quality transportation service, within the industry.

I.T.I. accomplished an ISO9000-2000 Certification on February 25th, 2003.

The company is family owned by (3) individuals, who are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Interstate. Corporate guidance is provided by:

Martin Louiso, President
Brent Louiso, Executive Vice-President
Leta Louiso, Secretary & Treasurer. (RET.)

Strategy is as follows:

Target and Pursue clients who recognize service.
Dedicate all necessary resources to provide unparalleled service to a select group of clients.

Promote and maintain client relations by:
Understanding and resolving problems
Schedule personal visits by Interstate officers
Open and ongoing communications dialogue

Interstate Truckers has earned an enviable reputation in its industry and proudly promotes its integrity.  Simply put,

"Say what you can do, and do what you said."

Accept responsibility for actions, whether positive or adverse.
Equip each location with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified personnel.
Expect superior performance.
Fulfill each commitment – No Excuses!!